INSPECTEXPRESS™ Home Inspection Software

INSPECTEXPRESS™ is a professional grade home inspection software program that is integrated with Microsoft Word for the best in report presentation. Our templates create easy to read inspection reports that can include comments from the editable library, unlimited photos and summary comments in a choice of narrative styles. A well designed report cover, table of contents, headers and footers can be automatically included according to personalized settings to enhance the report without any additional effort.

Reports can be created by following our wizards through the systems defined by your choice of standards, or by using your own template and inserting comments from the library. Photos are automatically formatted according to the home inspector's preferences as they are added to the report and can be inserted in-line with the comments, or on a separate page with cross-references. If a summary style is selected, the summary can either include a list of all deficiencies or observations specifically selected by the home inspector during the reporting process. The summary can be printed as an addendum to the full report or as a separate document.

All lists of components descriptions and observations can be edited with a single click during the reporting process, making it simple for the inspector to customize the software during day to day use. Start with the thousands of included component descriptions and boilerplate comments and add, edit or remove unnecessary entries until the libraries are fully personalized to your preferences and locale.