Inspection Report Templates

Report templates can be used to create reports that follow a variety of inspection standards (ASHI, CAHPI, CREIA, NAHI, NACHI, AII, ARIZONA etc.) or for alternate types of inspections such mobile homes, condominiums and townhouses.  

INSPECTEXPRESS™ offers a selection of report templates to get you started. Custom templates are also easily created and independently distributed, providing an inspector, multi inspector company, franchise or education institution with the opportunity to share their templates with other licensed users.

Using additional templates is as quick as selecting from the list of available report templates when starting an inspection report. 

New templates can be created from the current template or the standard default template, so creating a new template does not mean starting from scratch.

Templates can be easily imported and exported from one computer to another. 

The 'Report Template Editor' sets the defaults settings for the templates that can be loaded on the 'Start New Inspection' form. 

Report template settings include:  
  Default sections (Roof, Summary etc).
  Order of  report sections, document inserts etc.    
  Order of input forms shown by the report wizard.  
  Report section titles.   
  Report section disclaimers. 

Document inserts can include:  
  Report Cover
  Table of Contents
  Purpose and Scope
  Standards of Practice
  Inspection Agreement  
  Report conventions
  Your custom documents